Thursday, March 3, 2011


Will explain in an hour or two.  I have to run to class

Four and a half hours later: Okay, here is the story.  A few weeks ago Alton got this sweet zombie board game.  The point of the game is to either kill 25 zombies in one life, which is like impossible, or be the first to get to  the heli-pad first.  Alton played with some guys in his hall and it took a few hours for anyone to win.  The nice thing about the game is that you can hop in or out of it whenever you'd like.  So last weekend I was busy but they were playing this game, so I went to give it a try.

They had been playing for an hour and the heli-pad hadn't been laid down yet.  I jumped in to play a few turns.  After my first turn the heli-pad was put down and Alton make a rush for it.  He shot himself with an adrenaline shot and used his chain saw.  He didn't get past any zombies and died.  It was my turn next and I had a car, so I drove to the heli-pad, killing 7 zombies (the high for the game) and got to the heli-pad and won. 

The game is pretty sweet and was the inspiration for today's strip.


  1. ZOMBIES!!!! Make everything better. I could totally see myself saying that same thing in the last frame. Hilarious.

  2. Yeah, I died even with all my equipment... maybe it's a sign, haha