Aaron Painter is an artist based out of Portland, Oregon (a magical place where it is always raining, where people rust rather than tan, and where everyone and their dog draws comics, drinks coffee and/or is a member of a indie/electronic band).

He is currently a 2D Studio (BA) student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Aaron started My Skinny Jeans are Red or MSJAR (pronounced M.S. JAR) in 2010 as a project to turn in for an illustration application.  Since then My Skinny Jeans are Red has become an off and on daily journal comic.  Originally the comic was drawn in red animators lead then inked over with Micron pens.  This was done in a 5X8 Moleskine journal with the most annoying smooth paper.  It really was a pain to draw on.

After taking a two-year break from drawing to serve as a Mormon missionary, Aaron started MSJAR up again going completely digitally.  

If you would like to commission Aaron for any work or would like to see his portfolio, please contact him through leaving a comment. 

Thanks for reading MSJAR and enjoy the blog!