Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shapes and Colors

A quick comic with a splash of color.  I was in a rush today.


  1. synesthesia! <3
    for me, usually
    5 = green or orange
    7 = lighter green
    3 = yellow
    2 = blue
    8 = some stupid shade of fuchsia or purple
    green = triangle
    as for pitches,
    A = yellow
    F = green
    C = blue
    the smell of chlorine is always some wear seafoam color and texture, with a thread on it.
    mostly sounds = colors,
    but EVERYTHING has a texture...
    it's more exciting when dealing with music, though. <3

  2. aaron-- good comic, but it is beyond me how this is a video...

  3. Oh, there used to be a video attached to the comic. It was a time lapse of me working on the comic.