Tuesday, March 22, 2011

good news and a sketch dump

So after I got that lovely rejection letter from the department of Visual Arts I went and took an exam--and got 100%.  Needless to say I had a much better day than expected and to top it off my boss baked me a cake.  It was a good day!

I hadn't took anyone--but I actually quit My Skinny Jeans are Red.  Most people just assumed it was on hiatus so I rolled with that--but the truth is I'm pretty sure I quit.  But I couldn't leave the stupid comic alone.  The character designs were getting to the point where you can tell who people were without me telling you and the strip was evolving.  To keep this quick--I am drawing MSJAR again.  So far I have only written out two story arches and the art is messier than the newer comics. 

I can promise you guys at least seven more strips.  That's all I can do right now. 

For those of you that are wondering the sketch dump is a bunch of drawings of Mike Allred's character Madman in the Adventure time style.  I haven't read any Madman but my 2D design professor loves him.  I think the art is interesting and the character looks cool, I just don't have the money to buy comics. 


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  1. Way to go with the 100%, and way to go with taking the goods with the bads.