Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Power Crystals & Recondite Woods

The doodle of a guy with power beam arms from a year ago has grown into an actual comic idea.  I've written the script for a few issues, have been designing characters and thumbnailing.  The comic will be titled POWER CRYSTALS.  Follow the Power Crystals tumblr for updates. POWER CRYSTALS explores the consequences of irrational unhealthy relationships in a science fiction setting.  Basically, if you like science fiction, robots and lizard people, this comic will be right up your alley!
I'm currently the colorist for this popular webcomic by Khail Ballard.  The Recondite Woods are a dangerous place filled with monsters and mystery.  But this doesn't keep Conrad from exploring them.  Read Recondite Woods to follow Conrad and his roommate Ren's crazy and humorous misadventures. 

ALSO: I created a Patreon account so you can show your support for the projects I am working on and get some cool rewards!

Recondite Woods
Power Crystals tumblr
MSJAR tumblr


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