Friday, March 21, 2014

Rage Quit

Spencer is actually pretty good at Hearthstone.  I drew 2 comics today, but I’m only posting this one.  The other one involved roommate drama & eating toilet paper.  

I bought a new sketch book a few weeks ago along with a brush pen.  What resulted was this doodle of Finn the human with a huge pencil.

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  1. I tried to find literally any other way to contact you privately, but I couldn't :( so I hope I don't freak you out or anything. 1st: you are a talented artist; your comics are sophisticated and polished looking. 2nd: My name is Sheri and I'm your cousin Michael's wife. 3rd: We NEED to get to know each other, because you and Michael are seriously so alike (ubernerds, artists, etc) he loves your work that he's seen and I think you would be bffs. And we live close by you. 4th: Michael's bday is coming up, it's a surprise party, and I would really love it if you could be there. March 29th, 8pm, in Provo. It will be OFF THE CHAIN. It will be made up of mostly single awesome nerd types (including hot girls, if that's any encouragement). If you can come, respond! If you can't come but still want to get to know us eventually, respond to that end! If you don't respond... well... go sit on a pin or whatever. For reference, talk to Grandma Painter, we are tight like unto a dish.