Monday, November 4, 2013

a short note

I was going to wait to post till I had another comic worth posting, but since so many people (2.5) have asked why there has been no updates I thought I might post this real quick.

"When I return [from my mission] I will start production on a new webcomic I have been thinking about since high school.  The plan so far is to have the comic be strip based and run either Monday-Friday or M-W-F.  The strip will follow the life of a college aged kid working at a pizza shop in downtown Portland.  Every comic will be in full color.  I don't plan on posting a single comic until I have at least 3 months of buffer.

Well that time has come and I have started working on that new webcomic.  Which means there will be fewer MSJARs drawn and posted.

You can follow my progress on the webcomic (and everything else I do) on my Twitter account: @PainterDraws

ALSO, go see the Ender's Game movie! 

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