Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bad Life Decisions

Would you look at that?  A new MSJAR?  I have been planning a limited run reboot of My Skinny Jeans are Red for a while.  I planned and thumbnailed the crap out of like twenty or so comics and was planning on revisiting some of the fans' favorite characters from the first run.  But Summer and Spring term have been more work than I thought and I recently received my mission call.  Basically there have been a lot more important things to worry about than my jounral comic. 

However, I did draw a few comics and I collected a few guest strips.  So for the next week you should see a new update almost daily (expect for Saturday and Sunday).  Unfortunately I still haven't drawn the salad girl series of strips based off on some experiences with Ken last Winter and I also bagged an idea for another LA comic.  I realized that I've been over her for quite a long time and don't see the point in revisiting stupid high school romances. 

As an added treat here is my thumbnails for the above comic.  I love see the behind the scenes work for other artists so I figure I'd post this suck up. 
You can tell I was still being infulenced by Scott Pilgrim when I drew this. 

-Aaron Painter

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