Friday, July 15, 2011

DHARBIN!-The Original Inspiration

Friday Favorite #7
Dustin Harbin
Dustin Harbin was the original inspiration for My Skinny Jeans are Red.  Up until a few mouths ago, Dustin did a daily diary comic.  He was original inspirited to create his daily strip by Kate Beaton, the artist behind the brilliant comic Hark, a Vagrant!.  In Dustin's own words he is "the fourth product of a carpenter/seamstress union [and] a cartoonist and freelance illustrator who lives and works and loves in Charlotte NC USA."  Unlike the other artists I have done for Friday Favorites, I don't know a lot about Dustin other than what I've learned from his daily comic.
I love Dustin Harbin's diary comic and its cool that he is friends with Kate Beaton and Mare Odomo, two other artists that have been spotlighted as Friday Favorites.  

In addition to being an amazing artist, Dustin has been nice enough to get advice to new artists.  He recently has been doing blog posts about his process that have been really helpful.  Something I really appreciated that he said was:

"IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT TOOLS YOU USE TO MAKE COMICS.  It especially doesn’t matter early on. Do you know why? Because everything you do for the first couple of years you will one day hate with every iota of your being. They’ll probably be fine more or less, but when YOU look at them all you’ll see is mistakes and bad jokes and too many words and not enough black and so forth. The one thing you WON’T think is “hmm these would have been better if I’d used a #0 Series 7 brush.” I promise you. Save the important tools for when you make some important comics. Which, for most of us, will be never. So just have fun and relax." 
-Dustin Harbin
I recommend checking out Dustin's work, here are some links:
DHARBIN! (main site)
Daily Diary Strips
Facebook (who uses this anymore now Google+ is out?)
And if you like his stuff, why not buy some? Store

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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