Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hipster in a Blazer

I haven't even finished thumbnailing the secret project and I am already working on character designs for a follow up comic. 

These are just quick doodles to get some ideas out.  I want him to look hipster-ish.  This hair style was inspired by Matt Smith.  I wasn't using a reference and just going off of memory, but for (d) I use a photo--I don't like it as much.  (a) is still my favorite but this character will have to go through a lot of editing if Daniel decides to use him.   I want him to look quite different from the other characters, so far he looks pretty different. 

I need to start using a new brush pen. . .



  1. a is the best. What editing? If he needs longer hair, use the hair from c.

  2. will darkhorse even publish a guy with a cigarette? I know some publishers are picky about that kind of thing...

  3. I don't know about darkhorse. We are trying to go through Image which I have seen plenty of smoking in. I know Marvel is super against having anyone smoke in their comics.