Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sneak peek #3

The madness has started!  Thumbnails!
Doing thumbnails takes longer than I thought, and I'm not completely sold on these layouts yet.  The script is pretty long and we have to get through the exposition quickly so we can spend more time on the more important stuff. 

As I draw these I find my vision for this project and the writer's vision are not the same.  The trick is to bring them as close as possible, but not lose either one of our vision completely.  For example, there is a very powerful line in the beginning of the script that I saw play out completely differently than the writer did.  We ended up keeping the layout but we changed some things with the panels.  Which was a shame because I was looking forward to drawing a crowd of beautiful women--oh well. 

I haven't said much about this secret project on here yet.  There is only a handful of people know what the comic is about--and if you do know please don't post it anywhere. 

But I will say a few things and clarify some other things:

I have teamed up with an Australian writer to create a single shot (30+ page) comic that will hopefully be published by Image comics.  My art style has changed for this comic.  There is NO reference to My Skinny Jeans are Red or any other script styled comic I have done.  This comic takes off where I left with Black Ice, but it is departure from that style as well.  We have finished the script and are in the possible of thumbnailing.  Once we finish thumbnailing we will review the script and tighten and alter the thumbnails accordingly.  After we have had a team of close friends, family and  a comic professional review our progress we will start the final product.  Within 30 days the art work will be done and lettering and possibly tones will be added.  From there we will begin shopping the comic around, starting with Image.  If all goes according to plan we will have a 30+ page comic completed and ready to print within the next month and a half.

This is a huge undertaking, especially with my busy schedule. 


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