Saturday, May 14, 2011

now you're thinking with portals

Friday Favorite #5
Portal 2: Lab Rat

As GLaDos would say, It's been a long time. . .how have you been?

If you don't know who GLaDos is then you obviously haven't played the game Portal. In that case you might not want to read this comic because it will give away the ending to the first Portal.  But if you can spare $9.99 and a couple hours I highly recommend playing Portal.  You can buy it online through Steam--> click me!

For those of you who haven't heard of Portal it isn't your usual video game.  It isn't a bloody first-person shooter like most popular games.  It's a rated E, puzzle game where you solve puzzles with portals.  The trailer below is for the second game's co-op mode, but it shows what the game play and puzzles are like:

If you have played the first Portal game then the comic I'm going to talk about today is just the thing for you.  It is a free online comic that Valve released that fills the gap in-between Portal and Portal 2 and it explains the origin of all those weird paintings and secret rooms that were in the first game (along with a whole lot of other stuff only people who have played the game will understand).

It is really an excellent comic! You can read it at or download it in a PDF at

Once again I highly recommend playing Portal.  It is one of those games that will take you by surprise and actually make you think.  I haven't played Portal 2 yet because I don't have fifty bucks or the time to spare to play the game, but it too looks amazing.  Just look at these reviews!

 The cake is a lie!


P.S: Next week there will some Scott Pilgrim fanart posted and maybe a new vlog or two.  There are some new My Skinny Jeans are Red comics in the works so make sure to check by.

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