Monday, May 16, 2011

Learning from other artists

At the end of last semester I finally got around to watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  The movie is based off of a six book comic book series by artist Bryan Lee O'Malley.  I loved the movie's visuals, and soundtrack, but it is a PG-13 movie.  So it isn't for kids. . .sorry.  The comics combine the video game world with comics.  For example, whenever Scott defeats one of Ramona's evil ex's they explode into quarters.   The movie combines the video game world, comic world and movie world all in one.

I just recently finished the second comic in the series: Scott Pilgrim verse the World.  This comic has my favorite few pages in comics.  When Evny (one of Scott's evil ex's) calls Scott, Bryan Lee O'Malley uses the same panel format for at least four pages, but it is the most captivating few pages in comics. 

I can relate to Scott because I have dated someone like Ramona Flowers and also someone like Kim Pine.  It drives me crazy reading these comics because I want Scott to end up with Kim not Ramona.  In my own life I was stupid enough to leave Kim Pine.  I guess you don't know what you have till its gone. 

Anyways, I'll rant more about this later.  All of the artwork in this post are studies I did experimenting with O'Malley's style. 
just the line art

added digital colors
I really enjoy drawing in this style.  I usually use small pens but for these I got to break out my thick, bold pens and I even busted out some ink and brush (not pictured).


Update: Tomorrow there will be a new vlog posted and I just finished writing a third LA comic so hopefully I will have time next sunday to draw it.  I am thinking of starting up My Skinny Jeans are Red again as a daily strip, let me know what you guys think.

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