Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2D Design final project- Process

I love when other artists show their process.  So here is one I made---just for you!

Step one: The Idea!
Next week is the last week of Winter Semester here at BYU.  After this semester I am staying for Spring and Summer semester.  For those you one who read My Skinny Jeans are Red, you're probably familiar with my roommate Ken.  Ken isn't stay at BYU, he is leaving on his own adventure back home in Wyoming.  The guy that lives next door to us, Justin, is a good friend of ours.  Justin is leaving on his mission soon to Brazil.  So basically life is never going to be the same for the three of us.  We are all going our own way.  So I wanted to create a piece of art that cements this idea. 

So I decided to make a large stencil with the three of us that shows where we are now and where we are going.  

Step two: Photo references
I took pictures of all of us and then photoshoped us in the arrangement and composition that I wanted. 
Step three: stencil base
I then took the photo into Painter 3 and painted over it and made a stencil. 

Justin's face took forever to do!

Step four: Printing

After designing the stencil I scaled it to 19'' to 19'' and pulled it into Word and printed out the image.
Step five: Trace and transfer
After I printed out the stencil's base I traced it onto tracing paper and then rubbed it on to the final paper.  

Step six: Cutting
Then I stayed up till 5am and cut this bad boy out!

Step seven: newspaper
I wanted a part of our room to be included in this piece of art.  In the beginning of the semester Ken, Justin, Alton and I all helped make the newspaper couch that is in our room.  Originally it was going to be three times as large, but after making a third of it we never found time to build the rest.

 So I took a chuck of the couch out.

And made a college using articles and headlines that related to us or described us. 

Step eight: Final touches
The final step was to glue the two parts together and then mount it onto black form core. 

There is a lot of hidden symbolism in this peice and it took over 20 hours to create.  I am really proud of this.  Hopefully my professor likes it.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.



  1. Dang Aaron you still doing the stencils by hand? Ho ho man you never ceased to amaze me, even now I wish I could shake your hand again. Y'knwo, for old times sakes. I think your professor should love it, not only cuz you spent blood, sweat, and tears, but you also have that symbolism of the press. Its strong how this all ties together. Bravo friend.

  2. Well, I don't have three thumbs, but this is sick! I am flattered. =)

  3. Hey Aaron its really cool. Thats cool too that Justin is going to Brazil for his mission.


  4. Having a steady enough hand to cut that out at 5am--miraculous!!! I love it! Thanks for the explanation. I love knowing how a genius works. It's a foreign world to the likes of me.