Thursday, February 17, 2011

zombies and demons

Here is a sketch dump for all of you loyal readers.  We were talking about sin and death in my Book of Mormon class this week so I drew some zombies.  I like zombies.  I was going to do a zombie comic in high school but it never happened.  There was a friend of mine who loved writing ideas and stories for comics, but he couldn't do the drawing himself.  He had this plan to hire several artists to illustrate different character's struggle through a zombie infected world.  Ultimately all of the different characters would meet up and make a survival group.  He shared with me the ending of the story and it completely blew my mind.  I was either going to draw the inmate's story or a trumpet player's story.  Unfortunately, the project never got off the ground.  But I would still love to draw a zombie comic!

For whatever reason I always draw gargoyles in my art history class.  Last semester we ended with the Gothic era so it may spring from there.  I like the skinny one perched on the skull. 

In my 2D design class we talked about how a few months ago Marvel killed off the Human Torch.  Instead of just rolling with three members of the Fantastic Four they added Spider-man as their fourth member and are called the Future Foundation now.  They all have new suits, click me to see.  At first I wasn't okay with Marvel doing this.  But now I think this is a good thing.  It is about time for some new heroes and new stories.  My only problem is Spider-man still wears his mask.  All of the other members of the Fantastic Four don't have secret identities, so Parker looks out of place with a mask on.  I understand he needs to protect his identity so his family and loved ones are safe. . .but still. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 


  1. You should draw a zombie comic. That would be flippin' sweet!

  2. maybe peter parker recently suffered from a burn wound. did that ever occur to you? maybe he is insecure... you insensitive jerk... geez...