Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thursday Dinner Part One: Fortune Cookies

I really liked yesterday's comic (my skinny jeans are red) but today's. . .not so much.  I was in a rush and wanted to have some sort of comic for you guys.  My carpal tunnel has been really bad today as well, therefore resulting in the comic above. 

They say good things come to those who wait.  The comics for next week should be really good!
-Thursday Dinner Part Two: No Homo?: This comic will be longer and is a sequel to the no homo comic (my skinny jeans are red). 
-Another LA comic:  A lot of you have told me you really liked the 'And I Can't Draw Her' comic (my skinny jeans are red).  And it just so happens I have another one in the works.
-Everything is Color and Shape

Hope everyone's week has been going good.  I have been swamped with homework and exams.  Only one exam left this week!

EDIT: I removed the original comic last night.   Here is what it used to look like:


  1. Ha, I actually really like this one. The expressions in the second panel are perfect.

  2. This really happened, and for the rest of the week I had terrible luck.