Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday Dinner Part Dos: No Homo (the sequel)

I feel like several disclaimers are in order for this comic.  First off, Ken is not gay.  He is straight and loves women, trust me!  He talks about girls a lot.  Secondly, I am not homophobic or hate gays in anyway (nor am I gay).  Both Alton and I had good friends in high school that were gay.  The gay humor and the facial expression in the last panel of this comic is my harkening to Tyson Hesse's work (msjar ff).

With the disclaimers out of the way: today's comic is a sequel to two different earlier comics.  The first being part one of dinner (msjar) and the original no homo comic (msjar). 

Those who read this blog know that I am often frustrated with my comics.  A good example of this was part one of today's comic.  I disliked the part one comic so much I took down the original and redrew the comic.  I am still not happy with the redrawn comic, but it is what it is.  Today's comic and the Tron comic (msjar) are both strips that I rather like.  I realized that the comics look a lot better after I do some sort of warm-up drawing.  With the Tron comic I had been drawing Rohan's Samus commission all day and my hand was all warmed-up and with today's comic I was messing around with styles for a new comic Alton and I are writing:

I know it isn't realistic for me to do warm-up drawings before drawing My Skinny Jeans are Red everyday.  A lot of the time the comic is my warm up drawing for some other project.  But I might start posting my warm-up drawings. 

Anyways, I hope I have not offended anyone with the comic for today and I'll see you guys tomorrow!


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