Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rainbow Smells and Rainbow Colors

Hey everybody, here's the latest from Aaron!  Make sure to get in on the contest!
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  1. Haha! Love it. Mixed berry pomegranite is the way to go. I have some midnight pomegranite that smells so good I sometimes just wanna drink it. :]

    Buut... why the need for lady scented body wash?

  2. At first I thought the comic title meant that you associated colors with smells.... That's called synthesia and it affects about 1/100 people. I don't know why I felt like telling you this.

  3. Khail, Aaron doesn't have synethesia, but we have a couple friends who do! Aaron did a comic about it called "Shapes and Colors." You can find it in the archive.

  4. Khail I appreciate the comment, thank you! I'm glad someone is going through the archive.