Thursday, February 3, 2011


I promise there was going to be a regular update today!!!  These red skinny jeans don't lie!  But the story for today's strip ended up taking more than a page and I am trying something new with this comic.  Yesterday was a semi-color strip and today's (now tomorrow's) strip is likewise going to be something different.  So far it looks really cool on paper, so we'll see how well it scans. 

If you read my massive post yesterday you saw that I was working on a guest strip for one of my favorite webcomics.  Here is a preview, because I love you guys so much:
READ THIS! CONTEST INFO!  If you know the name of the webcomic that the above character comes from, and the name of the character email your answer to and comment below saying what your favorite My Skinny Jeans are Red comic has been so far and why.  Next Thursday a random email/comment pair will be chosen from out of a hat. The winner will get a free black & white commission of whatever they'd like.  So hurry and email your answer and comment below!  Note: you can post a comment as anonymous just make sure to leave your name so we can pair emails with comments!

This weekend I will either finish up this guest strip or start working on the spirit pokemon comic.

In other news, tomorrow, here at My Skinny Jeans are Red, we are starting something new!  I like to call it Friday Favorites.  Either Alton or myself will pick our favorite artist or comic for the week and share the goodness with you guys.


**edit: I took the comic off of the prize list.  There is a chance I don't get one published for a while and I don't want the winner waiting around for the prize.  


  1. Hey man, I am so in on this contest. Haha.
    My favorite so far is actually the "nod if you understand" one. I love it because this is something that happens all the time, and you captured the moment in a way that is at once familiar and funny.

    Oh, by the way, good job on the inking on the character up there! It's really clean!

  2. Should i not do this ??
    and should i make all my summa classmates do it?

  3. Booya! A contest!! Do I get two entries if I email you twice?? Hope I win. :)

  4. My favorite is the "No Homo" comic cause i think it is the funniest out of all of them.

    You are an awesome artist by the way!

    --Albert Xiong
    Summa South 8th

  5. My favorite is Half Empty, Half Full because i love eggnog, too. It's all I drink during the holidays. I also like the curvy arms :P

    Your amazing at drawing, and I read the blog almost everyday :D

    Rohan Hiatt
    Summa South

  6. Nicholas: just cause your my brother doesn't mean you can't enter, it just means I'm not mailing the commission to you. You'll just have to wait till I come back to Aloha to visit.

    Miller: Only one entry per person, sorry.

    Albert and Rohan: thanks for your nice comments! It is reading remarks like these that have kept me from ending the strip! Thanks for the support!

  7. Hey! The sideburns one is definatly my favorite. I just thought it was hilarious plus the coloring on it was great! Awesome job on the comics!