Tuesday, February 22, 2011

not tron legacy

Rohan's status on gmail chat last night inspired the punch line of this comic.  If you don't get the reference watch this--> click me!  It's from the N64 game Star Fox 64.

Those who follow the blog will remember that Rohan was the winner of the contest from a few weeks ago.   His prize has been finished and mailed.  He asked for a drawing of Samus.  I will not be posting the full drawing on my blog.  It is Rohan's drawing and it wouldn't be fair to post it so everyone could see his prize.  But here is a little peek for everyone:
What do you guys think of Ken?  He has been the subject of a lot of comics and he will no doubt show up in plenty in the future.  Let Ken and I know what you think below in the comments or use the ask page and ask him a question.  Have a great day!


  1. it looks amazing! :D
    i can't wait until i get it!