Monday, February 14, 2011

Napkin drawings

Happy valentines day everyone!  I don't really buy into valentines day or see the point.  I was in the bookstore today and overheard a conversation between a couple people.  One of the guys had gone to a flower shop and had to pay five times the usual price for flowers.  And plus if valentines day was a real holiday we would get the day off of school.  So instead of celebrating valentines day you can celebrate "tomorrow candy is gonna be really really cheap" day like Natasha Allegri, a character designer on the show Adventure Time.  Or you could celebrate that today was the day the band Weezer was founded. 

Anyways, I was planning on drawing up some funny valentine cards for you guys.  But school and life are crazy and it didn't happen.  So instead, here are some napkin drawings that I send through the dishroom to thank the people for doing my dishes.  I guess they saved them because I found him when I worked yesterday. 
enjoy your valentines day and don't kiss anyone's face!  It isn't worth it!

and no I will not be wearing my red skinny jeans for valentines day, I will wear them tommorrow.  Oh, and the ask page as been updated with some answers to questions you guys have asked me.  Keep those questions coming!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!! Haha I watched Adventure time last night!