Friday, February 4, 2011

why is there snow on their heads?

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  1. Haha!I like the art for this comic! It's a lot different than previous entries. Thanks for mixing it up! I also like the storyline. The extended frames were a good touch.

  2. I like how long this one is, it gives you more time to tell the story and makes it feel funnier.
    Plus, I like the look of by-hand shading way more than computer shading, so kudos!

  3. I remember that day, and it sucked

  4. FAVORITE! The middle picture is the best! I honestly can't stop laughing! Hopefully no one comes knocking on my door asking if I'm okay. :D

    So one reason I love this so much is I remember being in the Marriot for devotional and this guy walks in with practically enough snow to make a snowman on top of his head and I was like, "Whaaah?"

    Love the art, love the storyline, and especially love the carefree expressions on everyone's face like it's no big deal they have a snowball on their heads. One guy even looks pretty happy about it. :]

    Well hope you enjoyed my novel of a comment. :D