Friday, February 11, 2011

contest winner and pokemon

Of the hundreds of you that entered the contest I would like to congratulate the winner: Rohan!  Late last night, Ken walked in after just having his brain blown by finishing Ender's Game for the first time, and drew Rohan's name from the hat.  Just to see what would happen, we put Rohan's name back in the hat and picked again. . .Ken drew Rohan's name a second time, so I guess it was meant to be!  Congratulations Rohan and thank you to all of you who entered this contest and made it a success.  

In other news, today is the first Friday Favorite!  This is a segment where either Alton or myself pick an artist or comic to showcase.  This Friday's artist is: Maré Odomo

Friday Favorite #1
Maré Odomo

Maré Odomo is an artist based in Seattle, Washington.  He earned his BFA in Visual Communication from Cornish College of the Arts. I was introduced to Maré Odomo's work through Dustin Harbin's jounral comic.  Maré Odomo had done a guest strip for Dustin's comic.   Dustin had posted a link to Maré Odomo's website and a link to a comic Maré Odomo did called Letters to an Absent Father

Letters to an Absent Father is probably one of my favorite comics on the web right now.  Growing up I never bought any Pokemon cards, never played any Pokemon games and never watched the show.   But there is something about Maré Odomo's comic that makes even people like myself who know nothing about Pokemon absolutely love it!  Apparently in the games and show Ash's father is never shown or talked about.  Maré Odomo doesn't try to answer what has happened to Ash's father, but he puts us in the shoes of a kid who just wants the love and respect of his father.  I don't think there is anyone who does not want that from their father, no matter how horrible they may seem.

Maré Odomo's art style in Letters to an Absent Father is simple and clean and goes perfectly with the narrative.  There are 12 parts to this mini-comic online.  You can buy Letters to an Absent Father for pretty cheap too!  There is a $5 and a $10 version.

And the refreshing thing about Maré Odomo is he isn't a one act show.  He does lots of things besides Pokemon comics.  Another of my favorite things he has done is a poster called GIRLS<PIZZA which is also up for sale.  If you haven't heard of Maré Odomo until now he is worth the time to check out!

He also seems to be a pretty nice guy.  I asked him what he thought of My Skinny Jeans are Red and he said, "I like these, dude! Your narration sounds really natural and has a good flow [. . .] I have a box of my ex's stuff too. I call it "my ex-box"(link).  He also gave me some great advice that I have been using on newer strips!  He didn't have to reply to me, but he took the time to look at my comic and respond.  That says something about the type of person he is.

Maré Odomo links:
Letters to an Absent Father
Store (mini-comic and poster)

Let us know what you think of Friday Favorites and Maré Odomo in the comment section below!

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