Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Colors!

Color seemed necessary to illustrate the point of this comic. 

Some of you may of noticed, but the updates have been lacking this past week.  I originally had a buffer of 10 or so comics just in case a busy week like this happened.  Unfortunately, I spent a week working on a mini-comic that didn't work out and lost the buffer.  I don't want to bore you all with my excuses, but this past week I have had to worry about a Physical Science 100 vocab quiz, exam, 2D Design projects, homework, my dish room job and trying to get enough sleep.  

However, I have some cool projects in the works:  A mini-comic that, depending on popularly, I would like to get printed and have up for sell (probably cost $5-$10).  A spirit pokemon comic. A guest strip for one of my favorite webcomics (hopefully he will post it!)  And finally, I am working on a story for a long format adventure/horror/sci-fi comic which would include zombies! And who doesn't like zombies?

artistic note: The art style and craftsmanship of My Skinny Jeans are Red continues to annoy me!  This comic really is not a reflection of my art. 



  1. Aaron! Great job with the colors! Also, thanks for doing the last few posts, I didn't really like Alton's captions much... sorry Alton!

  2. Thank you anonymous reader for your nice comment! If I switch to a M-W-F schedule the comic will almost always be in full color, and look more professional(spending a few days on a comic rather than an hour).

  3. Wonderful colors...

  4. my pants turned out fantastic! nice work.