Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Bros and Creativity

I know this is hard to read so here is the script:
S: I’ve been walking all day! It feels like my legs are going to fall off!
S: Wow! Who are you!?!
D: My name is Delta! Who are you?
S: I’m Samu3l! Thanks for saving me!
D: No problem!
S: Want to be on my team?
D: Team?
S: I’m putting together a team to find a ship! But not just any ship—it’s an old fleet transport from the robot wars! You wanna join?
D: Sounds good to me! I’m in! Let’s go find that ship!
D: I feel like my legs are going to fall off!
S: Oh, I know!
B: Woha! What are you two doing here! Talk or you die!
D: Wow! Don’t shoot! We come in peace! I’m Delta
S: And I’m Samu3l!
B: I’ve heard of you!
S: You have?!
B: Yeah! You’re that off-worlder who is looking for that old transport! You’re on the wrong planet!
S: UGH! REALLY!?! Wait do you know where the ship is?
D: No way!
B: You wanna go here but!. . . we are here!
B: I’ll give you guys a ride. . .my ship is just up the tunnel.  But I ran into some robot trouble. . .
D: What sorta robot trouble?
B: You’ll see
D: Now what?
B: Watch this!
D: Wow!
S: Cool!
B: You guys ready?
S: For what!?!
D: oh boy!
S: I see what you mean by robot trouble!
The know the picture quality is pretty bad, but when you realize that these are scans from print-outs of other scans, these aren't that bad.  Over Christmas break my youngest brother, Samuel, really wanted to make a comic with me after reading Jake Parker's Missile Mouse.  If you have been reading the journal comic you'll know I gave my four little brothers Missile Mouse for Christmas.  I really enjoyed making this comic and after a page or two another one of my brothers, Benjamin, wanted in.  The story line is completely made up by Samuel, I just drew the backgrounds and my character.  Hopefully, during my next break we'll finish this story up!  I hope you all enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed making it!

drawn by Samuel
drawn by Aaron

drawn by Benjamin, we forgot to introduce his name

UPDATE: 'my skinny jeans are red' is only going to run Monday through Saturday now.  We are starting to make money with the page views, so its pretty much a job for me now.  And I don't believe in working on Sunday because of religious reasons.

--Aaron Painter

Another update: Aaron had the idea of doing a week's worth of the comic in color.  It's just an idea right now, but if we get enough positive comments, it will happen!  Also, go check out the Chronicles of Yogurt Boy at, it's got a few spelling errors, but it is pretty funny, and they've invited Aaron to do some illustration for them, so go see what you think!

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