Sunday, January 2, 2011

Journal Comics and Missile Mouse!

Just a quick update. Yes, the comic is coming back tomorrow, so prepare yourself. We are off break and no longer are having scanner issues.

In other news, the extremely talented artist Jake Parker, is having a contest over on his blog. You can get the link to his blog and the contest here--> click me!
"I love the end of the year. It’s always very introspective for me. I like looking back at old posts and reading old journal entries from the last 12 months. Seeing where I’ve been and all. 2010 was a busy year. And to carry on with the tradition started last year and in honor of Missile Mouse: Rescue On Tankium3 coming out it’s I’m having another Missile Mouse Giveaway!" -Jake Parker
It is super easy to enter and the prizes are awesome! If you are not familiar with Jake Parker's work I encourage you to take a look around his blog. You might be surprised, you may already know some of his work.

Anyways, Happy New Years and we'll see you guys (and gals) tomorrow!

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